Job applications. The first

October 11, 2003

Job applications.

The first set of job applications are due on Wednesday of next week. I help off on sending them because 1, I let myself get eaten by the grading and 2, because I wanted to be as far along my revisions as possible before I signed my name to a letter saying I was almost done.

Well, grading took too long, and I am still looking at chapter 3. But, the letters will go out anyhow.

This is a much thinner year than last year. Of the half-dozen jobs with deadlines in mid October, there are two good jobs in my field, another three or four so so jobs, and another three that I am underqualified for. I am not a senior scholar, and I only have one weak publication.

Still, nothing ventured nothing gained. And out they will go.

And so to revise my stock letter

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