I like movies. I

October 17, 2003

I like movies.

I like movies. J generally does not like movies. Ever since we got her early birthday present (a DVD player) I have been checking out movies from the library and watching them while rocking the baby to sleep.

Tonight we wanted to do something together. I had gotten Gladiator from the library, a movie that she wanted to see. So we had family movie night. The movie was on, the baby was crawling around and every so often standing in front of the TV being opaque, J folded laundry, I read the Chronicle of Higher Education and we were social together.

We do not do that enough.

After about half an hour of the movie, the laundry was folded, the baby was restless, and we turned off the tv and continued our nightly rituals. Baby got to bed late, I am blogging briefly and then to bed myself. I just like to use Sam Pepys line.

And so to bed.

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