Hoorah, Hooray, a writing

October 10, 2003

Hoorah, Hooray, a writing day today.

I am taking most of this morning as a writing day - going through chapter three again and copy editing. I found a couple of awkward bits, a couple of bad transitions, and a couple of paragraphs that said nothing and had to go. I still have a logic problem where I set up a problem, mention a couple of people who talked about it, give a close reading to a primary source, and then seque directly into a new problem or issue raised by that source - without ever resolving the initial problem. It gives the whole thing a strong Alice's Restaurant feel, even after I don't know how many drafts where I tried to keep myself on tack. The argument itself is tight, I just don't like the feeling of indeterminacy I am getting out of the middle sections of this chapter.

And so to shower, eat lunch, and meet a student - she probably wants to talk about her paper.

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