Cable 2 Ted 0

October 27, 2003

Cable 2 Ted 0

I dug farther into my walls over the weekend. The good news is that the fish tape was caught on something in the middle of the living room wall. The bad news is that even with a larger hole to work with I could not get either a fish tape or the cable itself to feed through the gap in a sill, through the space between the lathe and the exterior boards, and then through the gap in the sill at the other end of the wall cavity. We are not a true balloon frame, and so running cable is not as easy as I want it to be.

I now have a half-removed baseboard in the office and we still have ethernet cable running all over the upstairs. I convinced J that it was best to call it quits. We are either going to call in the cable company and have them do it or, and we will try this first, we will hire the handy neighbor to do it for us. Those who can, do. Those who can not, hire it done.

I feel like a yuppie, only poorer and not as well dressed.

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