Cable 1, Ted 0

October 23, 2003

Cable 1, Ted 0

We have cable for cable TV and cable modems in two of the three bedrooms, but not in the bedroom that we use as the office.

When the cable guy came to the house in August I could have gotten him to run the cable, he would have charged about $35 and although he would have wanted to come in through the outside wall I might have been able to get him to pull it up an interior wall. But I was cheap, and did not realize until too late that he would have pulled interior cabling.

I decided to do it myself.

Earlier today, I finally tried to do it. I had previously figured out which of the wall cavities to use, gotten a fish tape, and otherwise prepared myself.

I decided that I would rather get the fish tape through the broad gap between the ground floor floorboards and the basement wall than through the right spot in the upstairs plaster, drilled a hole in the bedroom wall, and started feeding the fish tape.

Maybe it got down, maybe it did not. I was alone and could not tell. I do know I fed a lot of tape into the wall and could not snag it at the bottom. So, I tried turning the tape over so it would coil towards the outside of the house and perhaps hit the basement gap correctly. Nope, no dice. I went to pull it out again to see how far I had gotten it, and it has snagged.

I have the very bad feeling that the tape is caught on the power line that runs around the baseboards in the office. I stopped messing with it tonight. I will grab my handyman neighbor tomorrow and ask for help, call my brother the theatrical electricion (works in a theater, not overly emotional), flip the appropriate circuit breaker, and pull the baseboard off. Feh. This was supposed to be easy.

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