Butterflies and Barnacles. J

October 05, 2003

Butterflies and Barnacles.

J is a butterfly. I am a barnacle. In social situations, she will flit about the room, going from person to person, seeking out particular individuals, contacting them, and then moving on. I tend to drift about for a while until I find a well-located spot, usually in the kitchen or near the food. I then attach myself there and keep my eyes open for any interesting people who might wander past. She seeks out her friends; I wait for them to come to me.

We both have much more fun at parties when we recognize this about ourselves and do not try to make the other person accommodate their movements to our pattern.

There is one exception to the pattern: I love to dance and J is slow to hit the dance floor. If there is dancing, I will grab J, her friends, my friends, and anyone who gets within 20 feet of me, and drag them onto the dance floor with me. J will let herself be talked into dancing a little, but then her feet will hurt, she will feel self-conscious, or she will see someone on the other side of the room that she just HAS to talk to.

Can you be a dancing barnacle?

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