And so it begins.

October 13, 2003

And so it begins.

I mailed out the first seven job applications today. I decided not to apply to three more, either because they were bad jobs or because I was too intimidated to try for them.

That means seven targetted letters, assorted writing samples, and lots of Fed Ex. Someone (me) forgot to check the calendar last week. I need to get the next tranche out earlier so I can use cheaper shipping.

So far my job searches have gotten me three interviews and no offers. Lets hope for a better showing this time.

In other news, a local state University called me to see if I could teach Western Civ part 2 for them. They run 1660 to the present, which means that it is nicely focused in the era that I know more about. If I can pass the interview and they can pay me, I might make enough this spring to pay for day care.

And back to checking schedules and grading homework.

ps, Is the term "A-shirt" really that obscure?

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