Thursday's class We talked

September 12, 2003

Thursday's class

We talked about New England. I noticed that both here and with Jamestown I tend to spend a LOT of time on foundations and not enough time describing the society that the people created. I will be spending next week on the second half of the 17th century, but there is a LOT to talk about there and I will have to leave some things out.

The students read John Winthrop's Model of Christian Charity for Thursday - I corrected the spelling and trimmed out the long discussion of love from the version linked here. I do believe that this sermon gives a good insight into the goals that the Puritans had - I am glad that we read it. I just need to go through my class notes and trim something else down so that there will be more room for later stuff.

One of my students argued that the call for mutual cooperation in Model is a sign of incipient democracy. I disagreed, arguing that it was a marker of an organic society with a hierarchy. She wrote me a long and well-thought-out email explaining her position. I won't post it as I have not asked for her permission. I like that - it made me think. It also pointed out that I was a little scanty in my discussion of Democratic roots, personal liberty, and religious freedom in my discussion of Puritans.

I need to get better at putting a lot of stuff in a lecture and still going over everything three times so that it sticks.

Back to work or, more likely, to take a nap for I am fighting another cold.

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