Strange dream Dream, September

September 12, 2003

Strange dream

Dream, September 12, 2003

This was a fever dream, I woke up around 3:00 in the morning to grab more blankets and happened to remember it.

The whole thing is third person - I will write it as a storyboard because that is basically what I did while dreaming.

Open with a shot of an interior household hallway, with a thin film of smoke floating through it.

Narrator "Bobby has been baking cookies."

Cut to:
small boy trying to keep a handful of cookies away from his sisters. They are tickling him and trying to get to his hands - he is lying on his back. The whole thing is vaguely sexual.

Mom "Bobby, Why won't you let your sister have some cookies - you just baked 10,000 of them!"

Boy "but Mom, I am trying to set the world record for eating cookies and cream."

Mom "Give each sister a cookie, then come with me and we are going to have a talk. Girls, go to your rooms."

Cut to mom and bobby in the Kitchen, looking at racks and racks of cookie trays, lots of dishrags are holding trays, laying across the stove, and otherwise adding to the clutter.

Enter Dad, looking confused.
Dad "Why did Fedex just deliver 40,000 pounds of ricotta cheese to our front porch"

Cut to:

Great obscene mound of cookies and cream filling an entire kitchen - like a scene from the blob. Bobby is there with a spoon, eating away.

Time lapse, he is making a dent in it.

Time lapse, he is slowing down.

Bobby is now buried underneath a mound of cookies and cream. All we see is his arm and his voice saying "no more, no more" - he sounds small and unhappy.

his arm is now wrapped around a pillow, Bobby is in his bed dreaming. He is still saying "no more, no more cookies and cream."

The camera pulls back, revealing the other pillows at the top of the bed. Neatly folded across the pillows are the dishrags from the earlier kitchen scene.

Narrator: Behold, the power of cheese.

I woke up, thought about it, pulled up the blankets, and went back to sleep.

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