Stinkbugs and baby Paraphrased,

September 25, 2003

Stinkbugs and baby

Paraphrased, from memory, from John Steinbeck's Cannery Row

"Look at all them stink bugs" Hazel poked at the bugs with the toe of his wet sneaker.
"Why do them stink bugs stick their tails in the air like that?" he asked.

"Well", Doc said, "no one knows. They are a very common sort of a bug and it is one of the more common things that they do. I looked them up in the encyclopedia of insects - they are really very interesting animals. But nowhere did the author say anything about them sticking their tails in the air."

"So why do they do it?" Hazel continued?

"I think they're praying" Doc said.

"What!" Hazel was scandalized.

"Well," Doc said, "If we do something that makes no sense like that, it is usually because we are praying. I figured that they are doing the same thing."

I keep having this little snippet from Cannery Row come to mind when I watch the baby fall asleep. Lately he has been doing the very cute toddler thing of putting his head and shoulders on his mattress and tucking his knees under him so that his butt sticks up in the air like one of Steinbeck's stink bugs. I sometimes call him "little stink bug."

The other night he was sleeping like that and J came in to put a blanket over him. He stirred, raised his head, wriggled, and lay down again with his head facing the other direction. His butt was still poking up in the air. "Duggah diggAH" he said, and then he went back to sleep.

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