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September 15, 2003

Richard Nixon

The Washington Post has a nice article about Sammy Davis Jr and Richard Nixon.

Nixon fascinates me. He was everywhere and involved with almost everything in the second half of the twentieth century. He was Mr Cold War, Mr Returning WW2 Vet. He was baffled by the youth movement, and he did try to figure it out - including that notorious moment when he went out to the Lincoln Memorial to talk to some of the protestors.

I could not image George W. Bush doing anything like that -- Bush has too much certainty and too little introspection. Nixon, petty and vindictive as he was, manipulative and cynical as he was, had some measure of that humilty and self-doubt that makes a powerful man compelling as a human. He seemed to know that he was flawed, and to regret it, even as he gave in to some of his darker impulses.

I think that, as we move into the twentyfirst century, Nixon will continue to be someone that we go back to and reconsider.

And back to grading.

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