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September 23, 2003

Miscellaneous stuff

This is a mess of short little things, none worth their own blog entry.

I talked about Powerpoint yesterday. Today I did the unthinkable and asked the students during that slack minute or so before the start of class (I don't like to do substance before the official starting time.) Almost all of them had suffered through a class where the instructor made powerpoint presentations and then read the slides to them. They absolutely hated it. I then asked if they had ever had good classes using Powerpoint, and if so then what had the instructor done that worked well for them. One student had a teacher who would use the powerpoint as the electronic version of the little skeleton outline that I put up on the board, giving signposts to the students but using each slide as the marker for several minutes of free-form discussion. Several students liked it when Powerpoint was used to present facts, evidence and numbers.

So, you teachers who stumble onto this, some suggestions on how to use that technology.

In other news. The baby has a fever. He slept poorly last night (J lost) and was cranky today. He stayed home. I watched him this morning, J then came back from work with a box of paperwork to finish and took over baby duty while I went to teach. After I came back and they got back from buying baby shoes, I went back on duty. The little man is being very clingy and very fragile. He went to bed early - fell asleep in the stroller while we were walking the dawg - and I expect that he will wake up hungry in about an hour. If so, it is my turn to deal with baby tonight.

I finished the current draft of chapter four last night. Papers came in today. I get to spend the next few days grading like a madman, then I go and revise chapter three. Four will go into cold storage where three used to be - my advisor is tired of getting chapter drafts hot off the revision process. He wants me to let them cool and then read over them myself for clarity, argument, and ugly grammar.

Off to do some housework before bed - it is trash day tomorrow and we are getting a new sofa to replace the elder beast.

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