We are back from

June 14, 2003

We are back from J's office picnic. It was fun, baby had a good time, and everyone is tired.

I think it is the sun-sugar-barbecue tired. J was wondering how much of my time I spend tired - I think my dizzies have her worried.

Among other things, we went to the little lake at the JCC campground where the party was held, and we messed around in boats. Baby went in a life jacket, and J and I and one of her co-workers and his honey all took a paddle boat out. The paddles were hard to work so we went back and got a canoe. These were short and tippy canoes, and J decided she was not comfortable being out in one with the baby. I went out again on my own and after about 5 minutes I had a better feel for how to drive them. I could not get my J-stroke to work properly. The canoe was beamy, I was near the middle, there was no rudder, and I am sadly out of practice at driving a canoe. I do like them though.

Had lunch and dinner at the barbecue, baby is having his second dinner now. I do not know what we are doing tonight - I am going to try to stay awake long enough to edit a few more pages.

I mentioned this on the Sunsword forums, that might be part of why I am getting more hits. Use the feedback and say Hi !

And so to proof-reading.

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