Sunday, Sunday. J sez:

June 29, 2003

Sunday, Sunday.

J sez:
"We close on the new house tomorrow. EEEP!"

We did not make it to the bank to get the certified check on Saturday, we both forgot about it after stressing all Friday about not being told the closing costs. So, tomorrow morning we dash out of the house, drop off the baby at daycare, walk-through the house, get the check from the bank, and close.

We are still unclear about the status of the shared driveway. We would also like to know where on the property the right of way for the utilities runs.

We spent part of this afternoon shopping: we want a new couch, and a dehumidifier, and we will be doing a lot of things to the house once we get our hands on it.

Other than that, it was an errands and housework day. I commented half a dozen papers, went to the grocery store, went to the farm stand, had a nap, and relaxed. J did vast quantities of laundry, barbecued chicken to feed us half of next week, and did some filing. The baby had been constipated; he was cranky today. He also decided he does not like to be fed with spoons - he wants to feed himself with his hands. This made meals frustrating until we figured out what was going on.

Tired and sleepy, and we have an early morning. Heading to bed before I get my second wind.
And so to bed.

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