Spent the afternoon doing

June 13, 2003

Spent the afternoon doing housework, running to the library and the bank, and starting on the final edit pass on chapter 3. Parts of the chapter are very smooth, parts make my head hurt. And this is after making, what, a dozen, two dozen, edit passes over this material over the last 6 years. I am a slow writer not just because I am distractable and not just because I have trouble formulating my ideas, but also because my prose often sucks. I have trouble seeing problems in my own prose, practice should improve it a little.

I checked out the video of Uncle Tom's Cabin from the library. Started watching it to see if there was a 5-minute section I could use as an in-class document to spark discussion. It is true to the Tom plays of the nineteenth century - that is to say that it hits the famous highlights of the story, is over acted and emotional, and it approaches the stylized presentation and dialogue of a kabuki play. I had to turn it off about the time that Topsy showed up.

Also checked out a new novel, well new to me - Niven and Pournelle and Barnes Legacy of Heorot. I have resisted spending money on it several times in the past few years, library checkout is the right price. Also got John Keegan's Six Armies in Normandy. Went to the hold desk and ordered the next two Cornwell Sharpe novels, will not pick those up until this chapter is out the door. I also held the first volume of Anais Nin's diaries and a set of her essays. I am enjoying this blogging thing, I am enjoying reading Pepys diary each day, my current light non-fiction is Franklin's letters. I think I should read Nin and see another approach to diary writing, introspection, and editing.

I still have not finished Franklin, and I bogged down in the first volume of Robert Caro's biography sequence on Lyndon Johnson. Caro's Johnson is just not all that attractive of a person; I have absolutely no compelling reason to continue to read about the slimeball. I will keep renewing it, and plugging away in it, but I doubt that I will finish all three current volumes of the biography in my spare time over the summer.

And so to bed, very tired. J sez I get to take the hound out for a pee first.

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