Spent a sleepy day

June 22, 2003

Spent a sleepy day thinking about the dissertation and brainstorming in a yellow pad. I think I have an angle to take on controversies, but it is still a little incomplete. I am dropping the timing argument, sticking to the two points that controversies continue while the subject matter changes and that evangelical does not equal friendly.

I had more decadence today. I ordered pizza from Santinos for a late lunch/early dinner and pigged out. I got two mediums, one a classic neapolitan with anchovies and the other one a neapolitan with ricotta cheese and fresh tomatoes. It is tomato season, that one was better than the evil fishes was.

Spent part of my downtime shopping. Now that the summer loan has come in I get to make my summer book order. I spent too much money on Saturday, buying books from the Liberty Fund. I have about $200 left in the summer budget.

So, I went to Amazon, I checked the things I used to have in my wish list and saved shopping cart, I asked Amazon for recommendations and added a few, I added a few authors I want more of, and I flipped through the last year's JAH and JER to look at the reviews. Now I get to trim down $700 in book orders. It would have been even more, but the county library has about 9 of the books I was half-wanting to buy. I am down to $500, will trim it more tomorrow.

I like book, I like to read, I am getting excited about reading history even though only about a third of these are related to the dissertation. Many of the things related to the dissertation have come out since after I first hoped to be done done done - I almost need to do another round of reading just to catch up on my own specialty.

For fun reading this week I knocked off some more Baen books, either electronically or on the library, started a history of the 1905 Russo-Japanese war, and finished Franklin's Writings in the LOA edition. None of the fiction was good enough to write about.

And so to controversies

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