Solved the sticking point.

June 15, 2003

Solved the sticking point. It was a problem that the kids face in their papers - something made no sense at the current length. That means you need to either expand it or cut it back. Cutting it back, in this case, would have meant cutting it out. Instead I expanded it, was ready to go to 3 sentences but managed to fit it into two clauses. They will get another re-write when I type in this edit pass, but it is less confusing.

The sag in the middle is still a little saggish. I tried to hold it up by spackling a discussion of Providence over the transitions. At least at the early part, this did not work so well. I might want to put a little road map or miniature table of contents in at the start of the sag. The current edit pass is too micro for that, although I am double-checking my section heads.

Got through about 8 pages, while watching the baby and having a nap. Now for a bite of lunch and then an afternoon of shopping with the baby. Should be fun.

And so to lunch.

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