Slept 10:30 to 6:00,

June 17, 2003

Slept 10:30 to 6:00, call it seven and a half hours of sleep. Was tired, went to bed, went right to sleep. Why can I not do that every night?

Finish getting chapter 3 out the door
get job application out the door
prep class
pick up and grade a midterm at the testing center

I would like to exercise, but doubt that I will have the time. I am eating less but exercising very little; my weight is going down but my waistline is going up. I don't like this. Left achilles tendon is sore again, I think the cheap sneakers wore out. Will order a new pair from roadrunner later today.

Baby was going to town on chunks of fresh peach today at breakfast. The little man likes his fruit - he loves peaches!

And so to work

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