Not my best day.

June 10, 2003

Not my best day. I was tired from yesterday. Did some work on chapter 3, mostly thinking about Ely and Johnson. I made it up to Sunday Mails then stopped.

Prepped class, did not make the time to finish grading - in part because I forgot that I had left it undone. I need to grade tomorrow.

We heard from the seller. He wants to move the closing up from July 31 to June 30. Our offer letter said we were willing to go earlier, and we are. J is lining up the mortgage people, I am talking to the contracters. So far it looks like June 30 will be no trouble to do.

We have not yet decided if we will continue to keep this apartment through August and give me a separate working space for as long as possible, or if we will try to get out. Right now I am leaning towards the extra month - we would move my desk to the new house July 1, move in early August, and I would move my desk back to the apartment until the lease expires at the end of August. But, that only makes sense if I am in a writing frenzy and finishing up. I can be, but only if I concentrate more.

Class went OK. It was too much lecture and I tired them out. A lot of the weaker students have not shown up in 2 classes - am I being to hard? going to fast?

I almost caught up, am only about 40 minutes behind schedule. Thursday is Andrew Jackson and the 2nd party system. That is always a good one.

Home, changed to pajamas, had a sandwich, now I am hoping that I really am sleepy.

And so to bed

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