Non sequitor. Sometimes I

June 27, 2003

Non sequitor.

Sometimes I think about getting a tattoo. If I did, I would want something big, something like a male equivalent to this backpiece (r-rated photo). It would be some sort of a large dragon coiling around my back, perhaps running down. The coiling and wrapping beast is a female look: men tend to wear something more X-shaped and wrapping sideways to emphasize their width while women go vertical to emphasize their length. But, it would be lots of money to get a good one, and we could spend the money better elsewhere. And, I would have to shave my back. I don't like to shave my neck, I do not shave my beard. I have no desire to shave below the neck and would not keep it up.

And back to grading. (I mostly wanted to save a link to that dragon)

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