Morning update. Slept 2:00

June 28, 2003

Morning update.

Slept 2:00 to 7:30, about 5 and a half hours. After having an afternoon nap yesterday I got some more grading done. J cooked dinner, after dinner we went looking at couches. Around 9:00 I went back to grading. I worked some, but I was working and looking over to the computer, and grading, and looking aside. And the later it got, the more looking aside I did. I was having trouble keeping myself on task, in part because the papers are not so wonderful. Finished first pass on the papers, graded the homework.

By midnight I had fallen into my late night fugue, where I was tired but not sleepy, reading stray fiction from the net, and trying to decide what to do next. The only good news is that I read Lois McMaster Brujold's very good short story "The Mountains of Mourning". I think I have found a new author. The Baen program of giving away short stories and backlist novels is a really effective marketing device.

For today:
Markup the papers
Revise my think piece on the writing process
Read and comment the first 22 pages of the revised chapter 4
Look at the crucial middle sections of chapter 4 and think about how to better recast my arguments about Temperance, anti-Catholicism, and ecclesiology.
and a morning nap!

And so to work.

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