In bed a little

June 14, 2003

In bed a little after 10:00, slept about 10:30 to 7:30, or 9 hours. I still wanted more, but this helps me cut down on that sleep debt.

I woke in the middle of a very strange dream. I remember that it was set near my undergraduate college, but there were woods and rolling hills, and some of my high school teachers there. The last part, before I woke, J and I were in a red sports car with right hand drive. The baby was in the back seat. J was driving along a rolling green path through the woods - like the clearcut under a power line. She had at one point rolled the car onto two side wheels - like a boat heeling into the wind - and I was trying to convince her to flatten it out. Meanwhile I was hiked out over the car door. It was a very strange dream.

Breakfast and played with the baby. J made thin coffee. I threw out the rest of the pot and made some bitter strong coffee. The older the beans get, the harder it is to make good coffee. Mine is too strong for her, hers is too weak for me, and it gets more and more stale and more and more bitter as we go along.

Note, I got very dizzy after getting out of bed, a little dizzy after getting up from the floor. In both cases it was the physical dizzy that comes from standing up too quickly, and in both cases I had swung my legs and gone directly from prone to vertical. Keep an eye on this, back when I was fighting that cold I was also getting dizzy when I stood up quickly.

I have cued up the vinyl lp with Ormandy's version of Beethoven's 9th on the turntable. I will be working on the kitchen table while I listen to it. I have been on a major music kick the last few days, ever since I started copying CDs to the computer hard drive. Last night I was playing albums - I had the urge to hear Maddy Prior and June Tabor sing the Agincourt Carol - and here I am doing it again this morning. We have a LOT of old albums.

To do today: Continue the edit pass on chapter 3. Do both a micro-edit, making sure that the sentences and paragraphs say what they ought to say, and a macro-edit, making sure that the argument is clear and can be followed. Also marking footnotes that will need to be extended or completed.

This afternoon J's office has its picnic. There is a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. It is good to know that the weather will maintain its streak of rainy days. Never bet against a streak.

We lined up the floor guy for the first full week in July. That gives us the 4th of July weekend to pull carpets and repaint the baby's bedroom. I am terrified that the house will become a time sink, and yet I want it to be a nice place to live in.

And so to work.

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