I just took a

June 05, 2003

I just took a nap. I was not focusing, it was not going well, I said to heck with it and went back to bed at 9:30. The odd thing is that I did not sleep, I just lay there and rested and thought about Civil Religion and the changes I am making on chapter 3.

I had talked about Providence, and I had talked about the way that, for some Presbyterians, Providence required a very narrow set of theology and doctrine. now I need to broaden the idea, I think the way to do that is to return to a discussion of the state church roots of American denominations, Paul Conkin stuff, and talk about the links between religion and civil behavior. I still have a tricky transition to get out of narrow-minded bigotry, I might have written that the other day and forgotten about it.

Now that I am up, taking a shower and, I think, I AM going to make some coffee. I am tired of not getting things done. If there were a pill that I could take to make myself more focused, I would take it. If coffee might do the trick, I will risk my tummy. I may regret these words.

And so to shower.

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