Had a fairly productive

June 23, 2003

Had a fairly productive morning, sleepy afternoon. I did finish planning the controversies section, I now know what to do with it. Had a nap this afternoon, hope I don't stay up too late tonight. No caffeine today.

Went to the gym, first time in 2 weeks. Before that it had been 2 weeks, and again 2 more weeks before then. I have been busy, and working, and earlier was a little sick.

Gym weight 177.6 before workout, 174 1/4 after shower and without clothes. That is a couple of pounds above 2 weeks ago, about the same as a month ago. But, since 6 weeks ago I have gotten soft and weak. My right front deltoid is sore and weak again. My knees are sore and fragile.

  • 4:00 bike, stretch, hcp bar *8, oh squat bar *5, front squat bar *8
  • squats, high bar, bar 5, low bar, bar *3. Knees complained so I stopped.
  • sldl, bent knees, tried not to straighten them. 95*5, 135*5, 185*8,8
  • leg extension, cybex, 40*5, 50*10,10
  • exercycle, recline, 15 resist, 52 rpm, 30:00 minutes, 458 "calories"

Was a light workout, but I need light workouts. I think it is time for me to stop lifting heavy - it is too demanding on my concentration. I am also starting to get old enough that the high blood pressures that go with heavy lifts are becoming dangerous. I had originally planned to lift heavy until I was 40, competing in one masters powerlifting event before dropping the weights back down again. Based on my recent training pattern, I think I need to cut back the effort earlier.

Made diablo sauce for dinner. Note to self, even when J is not cranky after a hard day of work she can not eat my diablo sauce any more. I need to drop that from the repertory of family dinners. It was actually a little mild; only the first half-bowl was hard to eat. My usual pattern is 1 hot pepper for spicy, 3 for diablo, 4 is just right. This was 3 and a half peppers, less some of the ribs. I liked it, J had a small bowl and then cried uncle.

Did some housework, talked with bro-in-law, and now to work. Sometime in the future remind me to blog my interpretation of Hollywood movies and American history.

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