Blog before bed, June

June 26, 2003

Blog before bed, June 25, 2003

Blogger is down, and I wanted to write up my day. So, I am writing in WP and will paste this in later.

It was a tired, ineffective day. The best things I got done today were housework. I went to the bank, did some food shopping, made a turkey Moussaka for dinner, made strawberry jam after dinner, ran 3 loads of laundry, and registered my blog on a couple of blog finders.

I also wrote one sentence, count it. That is nowhere near enough. I was tired and distractable and did not trust my own abilities. I still should have ground out a page or two. I did read and comment on a student draft paper, but that was not enough.

The only good news is that while I had a lot of coffee this morning, perhaps contributing to my distractable day, I went without a nap. I should be able to get to sleep tonight, even after licking the pot from making jam.

This is the third batch of strawberry jam. I bought the berries Sunday and they sat in the fridge for three days. One of the quart containers froze at the back of the fridge, neither was as tasty as fresh berries. This jam is not as good as jam number two - a little thin and tasteless; it is still better than jam number one. Note to self, try some different brands of pectin. The Sure-Gell has been taking a long time to get to the boil and the jam always smells much better when it is at the scald than when it has gotten all the way to a rolling boil. I got 6 12 oz jars of jam that is good enough to give away. I now have enough strawberry jam. I might make a fourth batch, but I want to get the Seville oranges out of the freezer before we move. I intend to make a marmalade this weekend. I am thinking about making a pectin marmalade and trying to get more fresh, aggressive fruit taste.

We have a new loaf of bread in 20 minutes or so. Once it dings I will pull the bread, take the hound out, and so to bed.

Off to try to grind a few more words.

Looking over the changes to the section on Controversies, it appears to be blurring into the following section on Doctrines. I am arguing that repeated controversies had the effect of forming religious groups into four doctrinal blocks. Then I talk about the Methodists and the Christian Spectator and will argue (still writing this para) that the Christian Spectator and the New Haven theologians were betwixt and between and provoked so many controversies because they were between religious blocks. They were neither fish nor flesh, and people refused to let them act like beef while calling themselves salmon.

But, the doctrines section, argues that there was a two-tiered divide about doctrine. On the macro level, some people cared about doctrines and others consciously dropped them. On the micro level, people held doctrinal disagreements. That point should really come before I get into the argument between the Methodist Mag and the Christian Spectator. So, by re-writing my discussion about Controversies it appears that I will have to rewrite my section on doctrines as well. More work, more revision, more rewriting, and I just WANT TO BE DONE.

I am getting frustrated with the amount of work left, and frustrated with my lack of ability to keep myself at productive work.

OK, an hour later, I finished controversies, NOW I can go to sleep. 10:40 pm.

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