A so so day.

June 11, 2003

A so so day. Bad sleep is killing me.

Had a nap for about an hour this morning, that gave me enough energy to be unproductive. I should be working with Richard Mentor Johnson and the Sabbath mails controversy of 1828-30. All I have done so far is some biographical work on Johnson, my advisor somehow convinced himself that Johnson was Postmaster General. He was not.

Spent some time doing background work on John Newland Maffit. I do sort of want to do my next project on Maffit. But, that was not the best use of my time. I need to dig into the files and find the Post Office Papers, which are on old photocopy paper and smell bad.

Had some tea after lunch, that should help a little. The really annoying thing is that I am sure I would get my second wind around late afternoon, exactly when I am due to go fetch the baby.

I have had a lot of hits today. Either I have readers, or J is surfing my web page, or I should not have mentioned the word n a k e d on a earlier post.

And back to work

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