Well, it was a

May 18, 2003

Well, it was a tiring day but in the end a fairly productive day. It has been rainy all weekend, and that made everyone sleepy. Had a brief nap while thinking mid morning, and was pole-axed for about an hour around 4:00. J sez I was sleeping, I did not hear it and do not believe her.

Lunch was leftovers - finished the remnants of the toodle, finished the leftover brocolli from yesterday, had some meatloaf, polished it off with a bowl of mint-cookie frozen yoghurt. Sweets for breakfast, sweets at lunch, the naps might have had something to do with the sugar roller coaster.

Spent the day watching the baby and writing. Finished an edit pass on chapter 4, got halfway through typing up my edites before I decided it was sleepy time.

Also today, we talked with the realtor about the post-inspection letter to send to the house owner. Realtor and I had similar thoughts about what to ask for.

J cooked dinner - I just did NOT want to cook. We had some large bone-in chicken breasts. She halved them, browned them, and cooked them with cajun spices and tomato and sliced lemon. It was yummy, and different. The lemon was a little overpowering if you ate the fruit.

After dinner more baby watching till he went to bed, then typed things up. Ran some E&B in the background while typing up.

And now to bed.

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