I am tired. It

May 13, 2003

I am tired. It has been a busy day, and I have second shift coming up !

Baby was cranky this morning, throwing us off our rhythm. Breakfast was a bowl of shredded wheat, a muffin with marmalade, and the heel of a new loaf of bread. I decided to make a sourdough white yesterday to go with the leftover chicken sandwiches. (Feh, why could the Earl of Sandwich not have had a simpler name, like Jones - I know, it was John Montagu the nth Earl of Sandwich who was supposedly the gambler who ate bread on meat, so Jones over Montagu is not a big improvement, but still.)

We inspected the house today. It looks pretty good, there are some wiring and plumbing things, but the big things are in good shape. The water in the basement is probably from bad landscaping around the house, a few hundred dollars worth of dirt should fix that. It is an older house, 20s construction, and the floors are tilted from settling, but it feels very very solid. I think we will keep it.

Went to school, ate lunch, graded papers and waited for the exam time. Lunch was leftover chicken on homemade sourdough white, with lettuce and mayo. After lunch I had bad reflux - lots of acid, very annoying. Not painful, but acid at the back of the throat.

I GOOFED. I headed to the classroom early for our usual 2:40 start time completely spacing on the fact that the exam ran from 2:00 to 4:00. I was sitting around from 12:30 onward grading papers, this was just a total brain fart. I also forgot, rushing out of the house to make the 9:00 inspection, to grab their second papers to return to them. All in all it was not a good last contact moment. Note, put the exam time on the exam sheets - not for the kids, but to remind ME of when to be there.

The exams came back in a reasonable time pattern, too many of them were back before the first hour, which is usually a bad sign considering that the long essay was a tough question. I will grade them after I update this.

Home, lots and lots of traffic heading home. Race street onramp was blocked and the bridge backed up all the way past 12 and Vine. Note, listen to the radio and if I hear about trouble on Race again, head crosstown on Broad not on 10th and then take the Vine expressway to the bridge.

Took one of the sample pills Dr L gave me. This is the first time I have taken one. If have more than 2 a day or more than 2 days a week, call her. I have been feeling an awareness of something in my lower right hand abdomen just under the rib cage, but am not sure if it is hypochondria.

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