Yesterday was a terrible

April 24, 2003

Yesterday was a terrible day. Today might be better.

Yesterday about all I got done was a little grading and a few errands. I could not concentrate, could not focus, could not keep myself working. I hate the cumulative effects of bad sleep. I did not nap, deciding to write off the day in an attempt to head off an insomnia cycle. Got to bed a little after 10:00 and slept till about 6:00, call it a scant 8 hours of sleep. I am still tired but feel better.

No exercise yesterday, forgot to go running.
Meals: lunch was the rest of the meatloaf eaten with matzoh and the bottled red sauce. Dinner was chicken soup with matzoh balls. The only vegetables yesterday were in the soup - eat more veggies.

Slept well, very soundly. The complex is turning the water off from 9 to 5 today and tomorrow so they can install new water meters. I guess I get to go into the city and work from my office there today. Drive or train? Decide over breakfast.

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