Slept 11 to 6:15,

April 30, 2003

Slept 11 to 6:15, about 7 hours. Could have slept in for hours and hours and hours. Breakfast - bowl of generic chex, 2 slices of toast with lots of marmalade, 20 oz pot of coffee.

Went to sleep rather than updating this last night, so here is Tuesday.

Yesterday was not a great day. Spent the morning trying to work, finally took a nap just so I could make it through the day. Did a little grading, then got ready to run errands. J called as I was heading out - we had had a communication problem with the realtor and the contract was ready to sign. J went to sign for both of us, I ran errands and headed to teach. I did not quite have enough time to both sign and get to school.

It was the second to last day of classes, and it was spring fling. We had amplified bass beats shattering the classroom regularly while I tried to talk about Reconstruction. I spent the last 20 minutes doing evaluations, the first 15 minutes quizzing the kids on what worked and what did not work. Highlights: They like the weekly homework, the like a reader with lots of short items. By the time they made it through the text, the reader, and started thinking about writing their homework they had no intention of reading the essays in the reader. This tells me that these essays, the reason why I picked that reader, are not useful. I am not great at setting up problems for small group activities, I need to get better at that, find some new techniques. Right now I am a pretty good lecturer, only so so at interactive classrooms.

I also got the evaluations from last semester back. The results were solid, but low for the department. Again, I need to improve. I really want to see how the monday night class will rate things. I feel much more comfortable there than I did the first time I taught that material.

Covered reconstruction, or started it. Made it through presidential recon, will cover congressional and redemption tomorrow.

To the gym, lifted chest/arms/abs. Why is this my least liked workout? Gym weight 178.6, naked weight after shower 175 even. Edit the details in later.

Home, J made an albuquerqeu chicken salad for dinner, was yummy. Babysat while J worked, till he went to bed, then I graded a couple while J worked, then both to bed.

Around dinnertime we got a call, the sellers signed the contract. We now have a house under contract. Why am I less excited than I was by the prospect of the first house?

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