Read on civil rights

April 13, 2003

Read on civil rights in: Graham, civil rights and presidence, Grant, black protest. Comfortable with tripartate division of time, top/bottom analysis. Still not sure how to handle the class itself.

Did a little more flipping through sectional crisis. I may have lost my preliminary notes in a computer crash. I love windows!

Spent some time looking at the house on Rose lane online. Checked the state report card on the schools - schools are below average for a very good district, well above average for a very good state. Checked the census data for 2000. I had known you could get block-by-block results from the 2000 census, I had not realized how small the blocks were. We now have a race and age breakdown for the 55 people on the block and the 950 people in the nieghborhood. It is painfully white, with a number of older residents. I am torn - painfully white means good resale values and quick resale. It also means a potentially blinkered view of the world - I wanted the kids to grow up with more racial mixture. J will tell me we won't be in that house for 20 years. Still, we are evaluating the neighborhoods and locations as if we were going to be there for a while. If we are going to look at houses seriously, I HAVE to think long term. It is how I think.

And so to bed.

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