It was a pretty

April 21, 2003

It was a pretty good day.

Spent the morning working on the dissertation. Am taking the precis of 4 and using it to revise my confetti draft. Spent the morning reviewing the confetti draft and planning the merger. The precis is much tighter than the draft, which is a good thing.

Lunch was the matzoh-turkey kugel from the other day, had two plates full. was good, but needed salt. That recipe needs something sexy to add bite and sharpness, perhaps raisins, perhaps olives.

Prepped class over lunch. It was The Sixties, arranged the class as a tragic story of LBJ, his hope for power and call for justice, and the way that vietnam war destroyed both hopes. Argued that legal framework and cultural challenges of 60s were important legacies, so powerful we don't notice them. Some Malcolm X. The kids (some are older than I am, but habit rules) decided that they would rather have read the Autobiography of Malcolm X than Brinkley's Voices of Protest

Dinner was J's spinach pie. Was ok, but needed salt. Like my matzoh farfel, it was bland and needed something forward on the tongue. J used tabasco on hers.

Finished re-reading confetti draft, have an idea of what sections to rewrite. Sleepy now, should go to bed.

And so to bed

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