I am tired of

April 20, 2003

I am tired of housework.

Passover is the holiday of housework. You clean the house to get ready, get all new pans, cook funny food, and 8 days later change it all back again.

We spent today doing laundry and cooking so we would not have to cook this week. Ugh.

Breakfast: was tired of matzoh and tired of yoghurt. Made mushroom omelettes and hash browns. YUM. Spent the morning doing some grading, finished first pass on the exams and resorted them into best-worst order. No class prep, absolutely no writing. I did get an answer from Real.com and can now run realplayer without crashing - had to turn down color depth on the desktop and turn down hardware graphics accelleration. Perhaps the new Radeon drivers will fix it. Was grading to E&B, will likely reactivate that account later this week and use that for a month. EQ expires Thursday and may never get re-started. Am thinking about picking up a desktop game, probably the Baldur's gate sequence or Neverwinter Nights.

Finally had a chance to cuddle with J this morning, we have been too sick, too tired, on dealing with baby far too often lately.

Talked about the house thing. The small house, the more we think about it, is going to be too small. If they are still interested in selling we will go through with a tape measure and see if we are still interested in buying. The duplex is growing on us, despite the roof and the siding and my new worry, that it is in the sort of place where things left outside might well vanish overnight.

Lunch was leftover brisket with mustard, prunes, and matzoh. Brisket and prunes is disturbingly good.

Easter Sunday means that the gyms are all closed. So I did a moderate workout at home. Note, the dumbbell handles are about 4#

dumbbell snatch: 34*5, 54*5, 74*1, 64*5.

dumbbell military press, one hand, r 1st, 44*5,5

concentration curls 24*3, 34, 39*3, 36*3. Was looking for a good weight for 5s, could not find it.

triceps kickback, strict form, 24*5,5. silly exercise

front plate raises, 2 hands on a 25# plate, 10,10

side bends, r hand left obliques first, 74*8

double crunches, smiling at baby at the top, 25

pushups, smiling at baby at the top, 15,15

Went for a run, with the hound. If the normal parking lot loop looks like the number 6, with me starting at the top and running around for an out-circle-back path, this time I did a strict out and back along the whole number 6. about 18 minutes - misplaced my watch somehow.

was a bad boy, finished Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum before cooking dinner, had about 30 pages left. Dinner was a meatloaf, usual recipe but kosher turkey, baked potatoes, brocolli, and the last of the previous chicken soup. was good.

J has been cooking for the rest of the week, she made another matzoh ball soup and some sort of spinach pie that may well be too high fat for me and too slimey for her. now is the time to try new foods. I got to do the dishes.

Heard from my family. My brother was glad to have been invited for Passover, it seems to have been a good thing to do as well as being a fun thing to have done. He likes my cooking (as well he should). Sister is deferring the new baby's baptism till late summer when the whole family can be there, including perhaps some of the Michigan folks. Should be fun.

Folded laundry after dinner. Tried to grade and comment on a draft paper but too tired - almost fell over right after dinner while holding the baby. Going to sleep after I write this, Duke of Wellington rules.

The baby is most definitely bigger, I noticed while bathing him. Not taller, not fatter, just bigger in every dimension.

Walking the dawg and then to bed.

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