Friday morning. Slept midnight

April 11, 2003

Friday morning.
Slept midnight to 6:45, was rattling around not sleeping from 10:30 to midnight. Baby up several times between 10:00 and 2:00 - he just cut his first tooth!
Sleepy, not as tired as yesterday.

Breakfast: mug of tea, bowl of wheaties and wheat-barley kitty litter, 2 english muffins with Hero blackberry jam. Was not in a marmalade mood.

Surfed the web for about an hour this morning, BAD HABIT. I need to start logging that time so I can control it.
TTD today: bake bread, grocery shopping, buy coffee, haircut, public library.
Work TD today: review draft, put together chapter precis to mail to advisor.
note - my computer died a few days ago. I am working on my wife's computer - I don't like the keyboard and it does not have wordperfect. grumble.
grumble again - the dawg was coughing this morning. So, I went to put her out on the porch. Pepper plants in pots were blocking the door, so I went to quickly grab one and put it out of the way so I cold throw the dawg out before she puked. My peppers (hot peppers, mostly Thai Dragons) are staked to bamboo sticks. As I bent down to grab the pot foreshortening struck AGAIN and I banged into the bamboo stick. I won a mouth full of loose splinters and a nice cut on my lip. Lucky me.
The dawg did not puke.

and so to work.

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