First entry. I was

April 10, 2003

First entry.
I was reading Krista's page and decided to try blogging. I need some sort of diary to help me keep track of what I am doing these days.

So far today.
no writing
I did spend some time reviewing my notes on the current chapter. Next step is to reread the rough draft and write a precis of the revised chapter.

I taught US Part 1. Class today was immigration and industrialization. It was only a so-so class. I spent a lot of time on central place theory and economic development. As I was driving home I realized what I should have emphasized, but I then forgot it.

I hit the gym after teaching. Thursdays are normally back day. But, I am running late and did legs on Tuesday, chest day. So, chest was due up next, but it was back day. Oh, and my legs and low back were still sore from Tuesday, and I was tired tired tired despite having a luxury of 9 hours of sleep.

4:00 exercycle, stretch. forgot to do light overhead.
barbell bench: bar*12, 95*3, 135*1, 155*4.5, failed 5th rep, put it on my belly and sat up. 145*4.5, got a spot 5th rep.
pullups widegrip 3, neutral grip 3
db bench, 30*3, 50*5, did 55 last week but taking it easy.
db bent rows, 75*5,5, right first, increase next week.
called it there - still sleepy.
30 minutes on the exercycle, low to moderate resistance, 65 rpm, about 600 "calories"

Home and chicken curry out of the freezer for dinner.
then laundry, then puttering. I walk the dawg and head to bed.

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