Baby is hungry today.

April 12, 2003

Baby is hungry today. He is not sleepy. I babysat and tried to work around a cranky baby. Lifted at home mid-morning:
warmup: play with baby
note, I ballpark the db shaft at 4#
One hand db military press: 24#*12, 34#, 54#*2. Second rep, both hands, was a push press. 54 is too heavy.
44#*5, 5/4.5, R 1st. Last rep left hand had to push-press.
note Did some db snatches getting dumbell in place.
concentration curls, 24*10, 34*5,5, r 1st, increase.
plate raises, one plate forward, 25# *12,12
side bends 54#*10
showered, back to babysitting. Was a light shoulder workout, but enough to let me go ahead and lift legs tomorrow without having strained my back any. Note, have not deadlifted since Thursday of last week - put a light DL on legs day.

J home as I was prepping lunch. 2 grilled cheese sandwiches: 4 slices toast 360 calories, 6 slices not-cheese 180 calories, 1 can tuna, mayo, mustard, some margarine to fry. oh, and chipotle pepper sauce.

Finished the precis and mailed it to Joe with a cover letter laying out what I left out. The exercise helped me get a handle on chapter 4. I should be able to start working on the revised chapter tomorrow.

Finished reading for Monday, including King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," started prepping class. Raided the census bureau web page for some statistics. I know what I want to cover, still thinking about how to get there. Not yet read for Tuesday.

Finished _Stranger in a Strange Land_, been reading that off and on for a week. My light reading stack is down to Gene Wolfe's tale of the long sun and a really bad Griffiths spy novel. Need to hit the library soon - might be time to order the third george rr martin. Next light reading is back issues of the Chronicle of Higher ed.

It is a really nice day. I want to go running, even if it will take more time to armor up than I will spend running. Of course, as soon as I THOUGHT about running the bottom of my right kneecap began to hurt. I might still run, otherwise the hound gets a nice long walk.

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